Ukrainian individual entrepreneurs owe UAH 12.5 billion in taxes to their country

STS has released USC debts.

26 February 2021

Previously, individual entrepreneurs could not see if they or their partners had USC (unified social contribution) debt. The only way to learn it was through their online taxpayer account. STS stated that the USC does not constitute a tax debt, so the publication of information about the USC debtors is not mandatory.

However, on 24 February, STS released the data as part of its openness policy, undertaking to update them on a monthly basis.

USC debt distribution by amount
< UAH 1,000139,19618.1%
UAH 1,000–UAH 5000211,47127.5%
UAH 5,000–UAH 10,00073,4989.6%
UAH 10,000–50,000325,47142.3%
UAH 50,000–100,00018,5002.4%
> UAH 100,0009170.1%

Ukrainian companies and entrepreneurs have an aggregate debt of UAH 21.6 billion, with 769,053 individual entrepreneurs owing UAH 12.5 billion. Those with a debt of UAH 10,000—UAH 50,000 account for 42% of the total. And only 1% of individual entrepreneurs have a debt exceeding UAH 100,000.

In addition to individual entrepreneurs, 87,519 companies have tax debts totalling UAH 9.1 billion, with coal miners and machine builders being the top debtors.

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