The Number of Overseas Jobs Offered to Ukrainians Increased by 1.7 Times

June saw the highest demand for Ukrainian migrant workers in Europe.

8 July 2021

In June, the number of overseas jobs offered to Ukrainians scaled up massively. According to the Jooble website, 12,840 Ukrainians were offered jobs in the last week of June. To put that into perspective, 7,667 jobs were offered at the end of May, that is, a 67% increase compared to last month.

Overseas jobs offered to Ukrainians over time
Date7 June 202014 Jun21 Jun28 Jun5 Jul12 Jul19 Jul26 Jul2 Aug9 Aug16 Aug23 Aug30 Aug6 Sep13 Sep20 Sep27 Sep4 Oct11 Oct18 Oct25 Oct1 Nov8 Nov15 Nov22 Nov29 Nov6 Dec13 Dec20 Dec27 Dec3 Jan10 Jan17 Jan24 Jan31 Jan7 Feb14 Feb21 Feb28 Feb7 Mar14 Mar21 Mar28 Mar4 Apr11 Apr18 Apr25 Apr2 May9 May16 May23 May30 May6 Jun13 Jun20 Jun27 Jun4 Jul
Number of jobs6,7176,1537,2088,0037,6018,0937,8237,7697,9887,6657,8917,7588,1127,0437,2217,5667,7567,7398,0108,2459,0329,07510,20310,20910,20510,29410,1249,9529,6319,2298,8208,9639,2928,9339,2698,9779,4628,7809,2819,1599,3529,1068,3008,3748,3558,8066,5766,5406,9937,2327,6347,66711,92012,42112,85212,84012,926

It is a 60% increase as compared to the same period last year. At the end of June, 8,003 ads were posted on the Jooble website offering overseas jobs to professionals.

Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, Lithuania, and Latvia are among the top countries where Ukrainian migrant workers are in high demand.

Trade jobs are the most popular, i.e., plumbers, electricians, welders, and general workers.

Most popular occupations by country
PolandGermanyCzech RepublicLithuaniaLatvia
PackerCarerGeneral workerFacade workerPlumber
General workerElectricianWelderWelderCook
Garment workerNurseFLT driverElectricianWelder
WelderPlumberGeneral workerGarment workerElectrician
ElectricianStonemasonPackerPlumberLight vehicle technician

«A spike in the number of overseas jobs offered to Ukrainians is caused by the summer season and the significant impact that our migrant workers have on the economies of the host countries. Moreover, such increased demand for overseas jobs is caused by the ease of quarantine restrictions—both in Ukraine and in certain European countries.

Many countries promote employment for Ukrainians, which by all means boosts demand for overseas jobs», 

— says Olena Kirilievnina, Chief of the Partner Relations Department at Jooble.

According to Vasyl Voskoboynyk, President of the All-Ukrainian Association of International Employment Companies, 3–5 million Ukrainians currently work abroad by various estimates. Ukraine has a certain stratum of individuals—about 13–16% of the total population—who are permanently involved in labor migration.

According to the Association, 1.8 million job offers were issued in Poland with 150,000 of such offers being issued in the Czech Republic in 2020. Furthermore, there is a marked tendency for migration balance in Germany to decline over the past five years.

There are several reasons why Ukrainian workers are in high demand abroad in 2021:

  • Economic ills caused by quarantine and restrictions melt away.
  • Europe pumps money to overcome the coronavirus crisis, so investment in business increases with the extra demand for the workforce.
  • The number of Ukrainians is decreasing by 200–250 thousand every year, so is the number of migrant workers.

However, not all countries are so happy to see Ukrainian migrant blue-collar workers. In particular, Germany is mostly interested in hiring competent professionals, and it is quite difficult to get a legal blue-collar job. The same is true for the Czech Republic.

In contrast, Poland counts on migrant workers for economic development purposes; the government is now doing its best to turn labor migration into labor emigration. Moreover, the country is planning to raise the minimum wage to PLN 3,000 or UAH 21,000 in 2022.

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