More than 6,600 phones were stolen or lost in 2024

Which phone brands are most popular among thieves?

27 May 2024

Ukrainians have already lost more than 6,600 phones according to data from the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) for the first 4 months of 2024. For comparison, over 29,000 phones were stolen or lost in Ukraine last year. The most commonly lost brands are XIAOMI, SAMSUNG, and IPHONE.

More than 6,600 phones have already been stolen or lost in Ukraine since the beginning of 2024. The number of smartphone thefts and losses decreases year by year: it’s 2.5 times less than the same period in 2021, and 1.3 times less than last year.

Overall, 29,015 stolen and lost phones were recorded in 2023. This is almost half, a 46% decrease, compared to before the full-scale war began.

The highest number of stolen or lost mobile phones this year was recorded in Kyiv — 790 cases (11.9% of the total). Dnipropetrovsk region comes in second with 582 cases (8.8%), followed by Zaporizhzhia region with 566 cases (8.6%).

In comparison, in 2023, Donetsk region led in the number of stolen or lost phones.

The top most demanded phones among thieves has remained unchanged over the past three years: XIAOMI, SAMSUNG, and IPHONE. This year alone, over 2,200 XIAOMI phones have been stolen or lost (33.8% of the total), more than 1,400 SAMSUNG phones (21.6%), and slightly less than a thousand IPHONEs (14.2%).

Which phone brands are most frequently lost or stolen in 2024?

We decided to compare which smartphone brands are most in demand among thieves and among buyers. According to data from the household electronics and appliances retailer Comfy, it turns out that the most popular phone brands among buyers for three years in a row are the same brands, but in a different order of popularity: IPHONE, SAMSUNG, and XIAOMI/REDMI.

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