Coronavirus: Ukrainian businesses during the quarantine

Coronavirus: Ukrainian businesses during the quarantine

The quarantine’s impact on the Ukrainian economy

Situation as of 28 September 2023


The beginning of the spring 2020 lockdown can be considered the zero point for the entire world. Let’s take a look at how Ukrainian businesses have been developing in the new reality.

Date15 March 202022 Mar29 Mar5 Apr12 Apr19 Apr26 Apr3 May10 May17 May24 May31 May7 Jun14 Jun21 Jun28 Jun5 Jul12 Jul19 Jul26 Jul2 Aug9 Aug16 Aug23 Aug30 Aug6 Sep13 Sep20 Sep27 Sep4 Oct11 Oct18 Oct25 Oct1 Nov8 Nov15 Nov22 Nov29 Nov6 Dec13 Dec20 Dec27 Dec3 Jan10 Jan17 Jan24 Jan31 Jan7 Feb14 Feb21 Feb28 Feb7 Mar14 Mar21 Mar28 Mar4 Apr11 Apr18 Apr25 Apr2 May9 May16 May23 May30 May6 Jun13 Jun20 Jun27 Jun4 Jul11 Jul18 Jul25 Jul1 Aug8 Aug15 Aug22 Aug29 Aug5 Sep12 Sep19 Sep26 Sep3 Oct10 Oct17 Oct24 Oct31 Oct7 Nov14 Nov21 Nov28 Nov5 Dec12 Dec19 Dec26 Dec2 Jan9 Jan16 Jan23 Jan30 Jan6 Feb13 Feb20 Feb
Open vacancies54,07253,24045,22537,41331,43324,83322,84824,79626,30327,70831,91135,84339,54740,15643,50744,83643,83845,00746,32146,05146,53049,76549,75651,33950,46253,02254,50054,58555,44156,07554,79853,95652,18251,72450,39149,45248,65351,10253,61855,11254,38551,16445,98341,81642,00448,29354,93864,51969,72869,39370,28972,82569,95274,59775,64975,72874,82775,57175,68277,47573,24174,71883,22687,53391,87097,04196,69692,82290,31293,52594,09893,34294,92495,80396,98199,82298,984102,144106,455107,946108,420110,357107,292106,259100,309101,444100,28097,586100,17097,62395,25593,55991,62388,04880,40767,67671,24880,84088,00595,53999,36392,941
New vacancies38,06138,17129,94524,89821,26718,39016,68319,06319,22219,80022,88825,47327,63927,57530,87431,55729,74231,92732,66332,34232,56533,65535,57136,38834,15937,18938,32238,48438,81138,95137,74237,50235,83736,27635,42735,16434,15937,53536,17034,80431,30529,77026,56225,22827,02733,11736,08942,68343,63742,24242,62046,49742,28647,52045,93446,12748,28746,86546,60847,29143,45347,10255,07854,52556,81662,35858,80453,43352,78761,31358,17656,66956,50160,60161,09061,23557,34061,12569,82764,48164,19262,61066,86363,18255,38758,79060,44360,80158,82857,04556,62961,77656,15651,64744,77440,38150,62456,08756,57858,48765,00958,888 currently lists 69 728 active vacancies.

Of the few substantial declines seen over the past year, two were due to the spring and winter lockdowns. The spring decline can also be attributed to seasonal factors.

Djinni, a job search website for IT specialists, currently lists 17 371 vacancies and 16 786 résumés

Vacancies remained mostly on the upward track for the entire 2020, while résumés continuously decreased. Vacancies dropped a little only during the lockdowns.

Jooble, a foreign job search website, currently lists 9 462 vacancies.

In 2020, demand for Ukrainian talent gradually increased abroad. The multiple drops seen in early autumn and before the winter lockdown can be attributed to the seasonal character of jobs offered to Ukrainians.

Currently, OLX Robota 49,669 trade job openings are listed on the website.

A job posting gets five applications on average. Trade job openings and applications showed the fastest growth in the Beauty/Fitness/Sports category in May.

According to Bird, a Kyiv rental aggregator, 1-room flats in Kyiv are available for rent at UAH 10500, 2-room flats — at UAH 17100, and 3-room flats — at 33600.

In H1 2020, flat rental rates were moving mostly down. The seasonal uptick that brought the prices above the pre-quarantine levels happened in autumn, subsiding in November. Presently the rental rates have mostly returned to the pre-quarantine levels.

According to Flatfy, a worldwide real estate search engine, 1-room flats in Kyiv are currently priced at UAH 1,87 million, 2-room flats — at UAH 2,76 million, and 3-room flats — at UAH 4,0 million.

In H1 2020, prices for 1- and 2-room flats were mostly going down, while those for 3-room ones remained on the upward track since the start of the pandemic. Prices have generally been rising since early autumn and continue to climb, even though they have exceeded the pre-quarantine levels already.

Every week, 5,4 new individual entrepreneurs are registered in Ukraine.

During the 2020 quarantine, half as much new individual entrepreneurs were registered as usual, but the figure stabilized in early June. New business registrations slumped at the end of the year, probably because of lockdowns.

Every week, 1,2 new companies are registered in Ukraine.

In H1 2020, new company registrations decreased almost twofold, stabilizing in June.

Presently, 77% of cafés and restaurants generate 81% of turnover against the pre-pandemic period.

In 2020, the catering industry was among those that suffered the most from the pandemic. In the first weeks of quarantine, all but 32% of eateries closed their doors.

Now, Ukrainian cafés and restaurants are generating 81% of turnover seen in early 2020.

Multiple slumps and rebounds in turnover happened throughout the year, mostly due to loosening or stiffening of quarantine limitations or enactment of lockdowns.

Apple has released information about Ukrainians’ trips.

Presently, Ukrainians walk 19% more and drive 9% more than before the pandemic.

After a lockdown slump, Ukrainians’ activity mostly rebounded throughout the year.

Airline ticket reservations at Aviasales are currently at 59% of the pre-pandemic level.

After a slump that followed the enactment of quarantine in March 2020, the figure rebounded and even exceeded the early 2020 level. However, airline ticket sales remained on a downward track since October 2020.

According to Railwaybot, a railway ticket search bot, railway tickets sales are currently at 93% of the early 2020 level in Ukraine.

Railway services were restored after the first lockdown in June 2020. Multiple upticks in railway ticket purchases have been seen since then: in the summer of 2020 and before the enactment of the 2021 lockdown early this year.

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