UAH 100,000 Fee for Joining the E-court

Announced by President Zelenskyi, the “smartphone court” lacks state funding and may be sponsored by big business to develop the infrastructure.

4 March 2021

The Ukrainian e-court is still its infancy. It’s already been developing for 10 years, but the citizens still can’t have their cases considered online. The plaintiff’s personal online account still undergoes testing.

The strategy for gradually developing the Ukrainian e-court doesn’t aim to make it available to all of the citizens in 2021. So far, this means that only some enterprises will be allowed to use the e-court.

At the end of 2020, the authorities opted for a discriminatory approach: every organization that’s willing to join the e-court must pay UAH 100,000 as a fee and pay a monthly subscription fee of UAH 5,000 to UAH 10,000.

However, the agreement places some restrictions: one fee enables only one legal entity with the code from the Unified State Register to gain access to the service.

The price and conditions prevent IT companies from creating commercial services to automate their clients’ legal departments. Also, this is a cumbersome situation for big companies that own several legal entities.

«Our authorities are trying to set up the private membership club for the major players that have thousands of lawsuits in their portfolios. These are mainly the country’s largest banks. They aren’t afraid of paying an enormous fee for each legal entity. However, such a closed system prevents the authorities from quickly introducing the smartphone court our President was talking about: only big banks’ interests are now factored in. There shouldn’t be any linkage to a plaintiff’s code to make sure commercial IT services and corporations can file lawsuits for those who sing them with their electronic signatures (QES) without concluding any agreements with the State Judicial Administration of Ukraine»,

— commented Oleksii Ivankin, CEO of Opendatabot.

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