API of Ukrainian State Registries

API of Ukrainian State Registries

Real-time access to Ukrainian state data


Get a test access within one day

RESTful standard and detailed documentation

Transparent pricing


Availability of ready-made libraries

Support service and community

One request integration — receive data from all registries


Availability of up-to-date state data in your CRM/ERP system

Use of the fastest and most extensive API of state data

No restrictions on workstations

Opendatabot API gives you access to a wide range of Ukrainian state registries, including EDPOU, ERSR, ERB, ASVP, RRP, DRORM, and others.

To get access to the API of state registries, you need to press the “Connect” button and leave an application. Our sales department will contact you and offer the best solution.

The API allows you to automate the contractor verification process. With one request, you receive information from the legal entities registry, tax, and judicial information.

Extensive integration experience (over 1000), real-time data, standard compliance, acceleration of integration due to ready-made libraries, and compliance with all data protection and privacy standards.

Connecting the API allows you to automate many tasks, including creating primary error documentation, checking contractors, tracking changes in registries, collecting and analyzing data for making informed business decisions, and many others.

Opendatabot API provides data in JSON format, which is a widely used standard for data exchange. This format is easily integrated with most modern technologies and platforms.

To get the documentation and test access, press the “Connect” button. For testing our API, we provide test access that will allow you to evaluate its functionality and ease of use.

Access to the Opendatabot API is protected by the HTTPS protocol.

In 2023, the continuous operation time of the Opendatabot API amounted to 99.98%. All system and server updates are carried out at night.

Opendatabot API processes up to 1 million requests per hour.