Opening up Ukraine

We provide access to government data for businesses and citizens

For citizens

  • Debt and court notices
  • Fraud protection
  • Checking transport and real estate

For businesses

  • Protection against corporate raiders
  • Control of counterparties
  • Caring for employees
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We analyse open data every week

Number of the day

The birth rate has dropped

by 40% in 10 years

Number of the day

UAH 100 000

for joining the e-court

Number of the day

342 232 Ukrainians

have utility bill debts

Number of the day

UAH 12.5 billion

owed by individual entrepreneurs for single social security taxes

Number of the day

616 835 people

died in 2020

Number of the day

UAH 27 626 572 165

paid by entrepreneurs to the state budget of Ukraine

Number of the day

63 438 deaths

recorded in November

Number of the day

15% more tickets

bought by Ukrainians during the lockdown


Real-time data of Ukrainian private entrepreneurs

At 13 April 2021

Business lockdown

Lockdown effect on Ukrainian economics

Researches and polls