Opening up Ukraine

We provide access to government data for businesses and citizens

For citizens

  • Debt and court notices
  • Fraud protection
  • Checking transport and real estate

For businesses

  • Protection against corporate raiders
  • Control of counterparties
  • Caring for employees
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We analyse open data every week

Number of the day

322 raider attacks

seen in 2021

Number of the day

8,104 died

of COVID-19 in March

Number of the day

16.6 million

foreign passports issued in Ukraine over 5 years

Number of the day

1,096,415 abortions

in Ukraine over 10 years

Number of the day

14% of all catering establishments

didn't survive the spring lockdown

Number of the day

30% smaller

average pensions received by Ukrainian women as compared to men

Number of the day

UAH 93 256 605 000

companies' tax debt

Number of the day


Companies Declared by Officials in the Last 5 Years

Number of the day

258,636 Cases

Heard Without the Participation of Parties

Number of the day

6,576 Job Offers

for Ukrainians in the EU

Number of the day

9 948 Deaths

Due to Flu and Pneumonia in the Fall and Winter Periods


Real-time data of Ukrainian private entrepreneurs

At 17 June 2021

Business lockdown

Lockdown effect on Ukrainian economics

Researches and polls