Mortality from respiratory diseases rises by 37% in September

The mortality rate reached its three-year high over this period.

22 November 2020

In September, the mortality from respiratory diseases rose by 37% month-on-month. Usually, the increase hardly exceeds 4% in this period.

In September, 1,213 people died from respiratory diseases, of them 794—from flu and pneumonia. It was one of the highest death rates in recent years, exceeded only by the January 2019 figure (1,770 deaths from respiratory diseases, including 908 from flu and pneumonia).

«ARVI and flu epidemics usually hit in October. And morbidity and, consequently, mortality peak in January, February, and March. This year, however, the death rate has exceeded even the previous season’s worst periods. Probably, it will only get worse going forward», — general practitioner Daryna Dmytrievska commented.

Total mortality also increased this year. This past September, 48,372 people died, against 41,914 in September 2019 and 41,870 in September 2018.

Mortality data is a basis for nation-wide and local decision-making. The State Statistic Service’s information is two months behind, and we can’t reliably estimate the current level of mortality in Ukraine.

We will update our data as soon as the State Statistic Service of Ukraine publishes new mortality figures.

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