In four years, the number of officials’ declarations decreased by 20%

The exact number of civil servants in Ukraine is still unknown.

8 December 2020

In four years, the number of officials’ declarations decreased by 20%

Every year, officials file about a million declarations. Over four years, the number of people who filed declarations decreased by 20%: from 1,098,450 in 2016 to 873,198 in 2019.

One of the possible reasons for the decrease in the number of those who filed declarations is legislative changes. For instance, the military from the frontline no longer have to file declarations since 2014. However, these changes can only explain the decrease by 60,000, not by 225,000 people.

Number of civil servants who filed their declaration
Number of civil servants1,098,450956,813942,260873,198

There is still no unified register of civil servants in Ukraine. NACP does not have such information, so Ukrainians do not have the opportunity to figure out how many people have not filed their declarations.

Top Ministries filing declarations
Armed Forces of Ukraine98,18839,83338,06537,982
National Police116,262118,544121,161113,816
Pension Fund40,86538,37235,09831,094
Tax Inspectorate55,08149,00846,56936,065

«Currently, it is mostly Ukrainians themselves who should monitor the officials’ reporting because the controlling bodies do not have enough information to perform their functions.

We believe that active Ukrainians should monitor the officials whom they have to cooperate with, so we add the opportunity to follow the civil servants’ declarations in Opendatabot»,

— comments Oleksii Ivankin, the Opendatabot’s founder.

In Opendatabot, you can check whether the official has filed a declaration. To do this, add Opendatabot to your favorite messenger and enter the civil servant’s full name.

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