The government is to allocate aid to 734,621 entrepreneurs

Businesses from six selected NACE categories will receive the aid, namely 734,621 entrepreneurs.

15 December 2020

Seven hundred thirty-four thousand six hundred and twenty-one Ukrainian entrepreneurs who suspended their operation due to quarantine will be able to receive from the government UAH 8,000 of aid under Resolution No. 1233 of the Cabinet of Ministers.

The state will support entrepreneurs belonging to the following categories:

  • Retail
  • Accommodation
  • Catering
  • Movie exhibition
  • Creative, arts, and entertainment activities
  • Sports activities, amusement and recreation activities
PEs who will receive UAH 8,000 of aid
Sports activities, amusement and recreation activities17,0972.3%
Creative, arts, and entertainment activities4,7070.6%
Movie exhibition2770.0%

The government estimates that a total of 734,621 entrepreneurs were affected by the lockdown. 87% of them have a retail business, 8% are engaged in catering activities, 2% operate in the field of sports, amusement, and recreation. Less than 1% of PEs are engaged in creative, arts, and entertainment activities or movie exhibition.

How do you know if your PE may get compensation?
  1. Send the bot your TIN number.
  2. If your primary activity belongs to the categories eligible for aid, the bot will provide you a link to a form that you are supposed to fill out.

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