Over the past decade, the number of abortions decreased almost threefold in Ukraine

How pregnancies are terminated in Ukraine?

20 May 2021

In 2011, 163,668 abortions were registered in Ukraine, and in 2020–64,574. Overall, the figure shrank threefold.

In total, 1,048,974 abortions have been registered over the past ten years, including 1,048,974 carried out in state healthcare institutions and 47,441 in private institutions.

Abortions by year

Abortions are legal in Ukraine if performed through 12 weeks’ gestation. Pregnancy terminations between the 12th and 28th weeks are performed upon approval of the medical panel and only for significant medical, social, and personal reasons.

Through 12 weeks’ gestation, the abortion is performed by dilation & curettage, vacuum aspiration, and abortifacient pharmaceuticals.

The abortion statistic includes spontaneous abortions (miscarriages) as well as legal abortions carried out electively as medically indicated or requested by women themselves.

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