Alcohol-Related Mortality Down Threefold in Ukraine

How many lives does alcohol abuse claim every day?

17 June 2021

In the mid-2000s, annual alcohol-related mortality amounted to 25,000 deaths. However, starting 2009, it started dwindling by the day. In 2020, only 9,715 people died from drinking, which is thrice as few as in 2008, when the figure was at 27,088.

To put the figures into perspective, 74 people died daily from alcohol during the 2008 peak against 26.5 now.

Overall alcohol-related mortality in 2005–2021

Drinkers die the most often from alcoholic cardiomyopathy (heart failure), alcoholic liver disease (steatosis), overdosing, or accidental poisoning. Overall, 173,248 people died from alcohol-related causes (diseases, poisoning, suicides) in 2008-2020, with males accounting for 80% (137,316).

In Q1, 2021, alcohol abuse claimed 2,238 Ukrainians’ lives.

Alcohol-related deaths

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