Ukrainians imported 21% more cars in 2024

Which cars are the most popular?

6 June 2024

Over 160,000 vehicles were imported to Ukraine in the first five months of 2024, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA). Only 28% of the newly imported cars in 2024 are new.

160,750 vehicles were imported to Ukraine in the first five months of 2024, which is 21% more than the same period in 2023.

The most popular brand among all imported cars this year is VOLKSWAGEN, with 18,771 vehicles, accounting for 11.7% of the total. RENAULT comes in second with 13,187 vehicles (8.2%), and AUDI is in third place with 9,137 vehicles (5.7%). The most popular models among imported cars are the SKODA OCTAVIA, VOLKSWAGEN GOLF, and PASSAT.

The top car brands in Ukraine for 2024
Other brands77,75548.4%

Petrol cars remain the most in-demand, making up nearly every second imported vehicle. Diesel cars accounted for 29% of this year’s imports, while electric cars made up 12.9%.

72% of all imported cars this year were used. Currently, the average age of imported cars is 10 years.

The most newly imported cars were registered in Kyiv, accounting for 13.9%. The top three also include Lviv region (10.2%) and Odesa region (7.5%).

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