1,475 Car Thefts in Six Months as the Best Result in Five Years

After a huge wave of car thefts, Ukraine has returned to the level of the early 2010s.

3 September 2021

Over the first half of the year, Ukraine has recorded 1,475 car thefts. It is the best result in the past five years.

In 2014, car thefts spiked with the number almost doubling to 12,600 thefts. This record-high level lasted through 2016.

Car theft statistics
Number of car thefts6,79412,64411,46312,2059,0186,6425,4414,5221,475

In 2017, when the overall crime stats started trending down in Ukraine, the number of car thefts started decreasing, too. In 2020, there were as little as 4,522. With the current dynamics, this year’s figure is likely to be even lower.

Overall criminal offense statistics
Number of criminal offenses514,000476,000490,000562,000490,000456,000418,000335,000

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