Now Ukrainians Can Find Out Who Sued Them

Opendatabot will inform users even about the claims that were rejected.

11 October 2021

Now Ukrainians Can Find Out Who Sued Them

Since October 11, Ukrainians can receive automatic notifications about the status of their court cases. The notifications—about not only open cases but also rejected claims—will be sent through Opendatabot.

Almost 10,000 legal claims are made in Ukraine daily. Not all of them will be reviewed and accepted. Many claims rejected for different reasons are filed again after some time.

However, defendants will learn about the outcome of all these actions only when they are served summons by mail. Or not—since half of Ukrainian courts have no money to send correspondents—and thereby will fail to come to the court hearing on time.

The convenience of prompt notifications about attempts to sue a person is that they allow the defendant to thoroughly prepare for a first hearing. Once the claim is accepted, Opendatabot will inform the user about all of the following changes to the court case, i.e., “hearing appointed”, “decision ruled”, “appeal filed”, etc.

Monitoring cases in Opendatabot is free for Ukrainians. You can sign up for notifications from Opendatabot to always stay updated on the filed claims and dates of hearings.

How to receive Opendatabot notifications about your court hearing?
  1. Send the bot your full name or the number of the case you want to keep track of.
  2. Sign up for updates.

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