Now Ukrainians can check companies’ financial statements using Opendatabot

Businesses become more open.

1 June 2021

With the amendments to the new version of the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 835, the information about the financial position and activities of 429,398 Ukrainian companies is open now, and anyone can check their key financial indicators using Opendatabot: income, net profit, assets, and liabilities.

Income shows the company’s revenue from all activities and identifies its place in the market, while profit margin displays whether the business model is profitable at the moment. If the assets are not much larger than the liabilities, the company does not have equity.

At present, the information about 429,398 companies of the general taxation system is available for access. Out of them, 27,594 are state entities.

To check any business using Opendatabot
  1. Enter the company name or code
  2. You will find its financial indicators in the company information

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