Building Activities Register Is Now Fully Public

How can it help real property buyers?

29 July 2021

From now on, those who buy real property in Ukraine will be able to automatically keep track of changes in technical and economic features of new buildings where they own apartments.

This opportunity came about as the Ministry of Regional Development supported Opendatabot’s initiative to make the Building Activities Register public according to international open data principles.

Previously, no such technical and economic features of construction projects, including the number of stories, total area, and the number of apartments in a new building, were available in the Register accessed through the Public Portal.

Experience shows that these features may change over time with some developers, e.g., extra floors are being added. As a consequence, the growing number of residents results in overloaded utility and infrastructure systems, including elevators and parking lots, thereby reducing the quality and value of the real property.

Now that technical and economic features have become available, developers of open data services can now computerize the tracking of changes and inform apartment buyers accordingly in a convenient form.

The availability of technical and economic features in the Building Activities Register has also had a positive effect on Opendatabot’s Open Data Quality Index.

Opendatabot’s Open Data Quality Index shows how public Ukraine’s government agencies are. Adding technical and economic features to the Building Activities Register and the availability of VIN codes in the transport set have caused Opendatabot’s index to increase from 56 to 57 points.

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