Pfizer Becomes the Most Widespread Vaccine in Ukraine, Accounting for 37% of All Doses since the Start of Vaccination Campaign

Also, Pfizer is the leading vaccine in almost all regions of Ukraine.

4 October 2021

Pfizer-BioNTech is the leading vaccine by the number of vaccinations in Ukraine. Ukrainians received 4.5 million doses of Pfizer, accounting for 37% of overall vaccinations. Over the entire vaccination campaign, 12 million doses have been administered in Ukraine.

CoronaVac accounted for one-third of vaccines at 3.3 million doses, Moderna took third place (2.09 million), and AstraZeneca took fourth place (2.13 million), with respective shares of 17% and 18% in overall vaccinations.

Pfizer became the most widespread vaccine in almost all regions of Ukraine. However, in six of them—Chernihiv, Odesa, Donetsk, Zhytomyr, and Poltava regions—CoronaVac took first place.

The only region in Ukraine where Johnson & Johnson was officially administered was the Zakarpattia region—the vaccine was provided on the Hungarian government’s initiative and accounted for 7.3% (about 20,000 doses) of vaccinations in the region.

Leading vaccines by number of doses in regions as of 9/23/2021
Territory nameAstraZeneca, %Pfizer-BioNTech, %Moderna, %Sinovac (CoronaVac), %Johnson & Johnson, %
Kherson region19,7636,9615,2628,02NaN
Cherkasy region17,3532,6620,2729,72NaN
Rivne region24,3544,1814,4817NaN
Chernihiv region15,3832,7614,3337,53NaN
Zakarpattia region20,7440,699,4221,797,35
Ivano-Frankivsk region29,1536,3518,7515,75NaN
Donetsk region26,2228,211,6933,88NaN
Kharkiv region13,3336,715,7234,25NaN
Mykolaiv region17,6840,4519,3822,48NaN
Sumy region16,4732,5316,9834,02NaN
Ternopil region24,4441,5316,6217,41NaN
Zhytomyr region18,4827,5615,7438,21NaN
Kirovohrad region21,8138,3613,2726,55NaN
Chernivtsi region23,4541,3719,3715,81NaN
Lviv region19,1235,0420,7325,11NaN
Volyn region24,9657,544,2113,29NaN
Kyiv region13,144217,6627,2NaN
Odesa region21,2931,0611,9435,71NaN
Khmelnytskyi region18,4138,720,2122,68NaN
City of Kyiv9,6240,3726,2523,730,03
Poltava region16,9530,8715,4536,74NaN
Zaporizhzhia region20,5539,2415,0225,19NaN
Luhansk region25,132,461923,44NaN
Dnipropetrovsk region16,0735,8418,7629,33NaN
Vinnytsia region15,5236,0918,0330,36NaN

The statistics for leading vaccine suppliers to Ukraine are different when compared to the vaccine use rating. CoronaVac is the leader by number of vaccines imported to Ukraine—44% (10.4 million doses) of overall imports. Pfizer’s share in overall vaccine imports was only 26% (6 million doses), while the supplies of AstraZeneca and Moderna accounted for 21% (5 million) and 9% (2 million), respectively.

The supply of CoronaVac is well above the demand. As of the end of September 2021, around seven million doses of this vaccine remained on the books of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. By that moment, the stocks of Moderna had almost run out.

Pfizer became the most popular vaccine among Ukrainians despite not being massively available at first. Vaccinations with Pfizer started on April 18, while the first dose was supplied to Ukraine on April 16.

The vaccine was initially available only to some categories of people, i.e., education, medicine, and public workers. In mid-July, it became more accessible as Ukraine received about five million more doses from Pfizer under the COVAX international initiative.

The first dose of AstraZeneca was administered in Ukraine on February 24. CoronaVac, like Pfizer, was first supplied to Ukraine in early April but became massively available from the start.

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