Who will pass tax inspections this year?

The State Tax Service has published a list of inspections for 2021.

13 January 2021

Currently, 6,288 companies should be getting ready to be visited by tax officials. The total number of inspections has not changed since last year.

All planned STS raids can be divided into the following groups:

  • Inspections of holdings, concerns, corporations, and their counterparties: 462
  • Inspections of large, medium, and small businesses: 3,598
  • Inspections of financial institutions: 209
  • PE inspections: 1,664
Which companies are going to undergo the tax inspection?
Inspections of holdings, concerns, corporations, and their counterparties4627.3%
Inspections of large, medium, and small businesses3,59857.2%
Inspections of financial institutions2093.3%
PE inspections1,66426.5%
Other companies with issues on military fees and UST3555.6%

Which companies are going to undergo the tax inspection?

The main reasons why the tax inspectorate may visit a business for inspection are listed in the Timetable of Scheduled Inspections of Taxpayers. According to the document, the following companies run a high risk of being inspected:

  • Companies with the level of income tax payment lower by 50% than the industry average.
  • Companies having relations with counterparties that are wanted or wound up if the amount of transactions is more than 5% of the total volume of transactions, but not less than UAH 100,000.
  • Companies known to avoid taxes.
  • Companies having signs of being dummy companies.
  • Companies registration of which was revoked in court.
  • Companies proven not to have provided tax reporting during two tax (reporting) periods.
  • Wanted companies.
  • Companies declared bankrupt.
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