In the Past Six Years, Ukrainians Have Bought 27,732 Electric Cars

What cars are popular in Ukraine?

12 July 2021

Since 2015, Ukrainians have bought 27,732 electric cars. The most popular car brands include Nissan, Tesla, and Chevrolet.

The top preference of Ukrainians is Nissan electric cars. The Nissan Leaf model has taken first place with 13,656 sold vehicles. The total number of Nissan electric cars in Ukraine is 13,766.

Most popular electric vehicles in Ukraine

The second most popular electric cars are Tesla: there are 4,326 of them in Ukraine. This number includes 1,866 Model S cars, 1,552 Model 3 cars, and 851 Model X cars.

Chevrolet electric vehicles have taken third place: there are 1,458 of them. The most popular model is BOLT EV—Ukrainians have bought 1,300 of these cars.

Curiously, Ukrainians purchased and imported most electric vehicles, 26,206 to be exact, from abroad. The rest were bought in Ukraine.

Customs privileges have influenced the popularity of electric vehicles. The cost of duty for customs clearance of a car with an electric engine is one euro for kWh. Thus, even for vehicles with powerful batteries, the duty amount ranges EUR 20–100. Moreover, after importing a car, one must pay a fee to the Pension Fund: its amount will vary from 3% to 5% of the customs value of a vehicle.

For comparison, customs clearance of a five-year-old gasoline Mazda 3 with a 2-liter engine purchased abroad for USD 8,000 will cost about USD 3,500.

Besides, the owners of electric cars do not pay a tax for using the roads: the cost of fuel that an electric vehicle does not use includes this tax.

«According to our experience, currently in Ukraine, the price of a used electric car starts at USD 10,000, e.g., for a Nissan Leaf. A new car, such as Renault, costs about USD 14,500. The average price of an electric vehicle is USD 15,000–20,000 (Chevrolet Bolt, Leaf, Renault). A used Tesla will cost from USD 30,000, while the average price for Tesla in good condition amounts to USD 50,000», 

— says Serhii Velchev, the founder of EcoFactor Group.

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