A Record Increase in the Number of PEs in the Last Five Years

The number of PEs increased by 85,000 over the first 11 months of 2021.

20 December 2021

The number of private entrepreneurs in Ukraine has been growing for several years. The number of PEs in Ukraine increased by 85,000 and approached two million this year. Those are the highest figures in the last five years.

PEs in Ukraine

The Ukrainian PE economy has been steadily growing since the “dormant PEs” were purged in 2016–2017. New business registrations outstripped the closures of old businesses even during quarantine lockdowns and protests against the introduction of cash machines and other fiscal measures.

PE numbers growth dynamics
Increase in PEs over one year-111,03675,00448,49022,45584,805

PEs transferred UAH 52.5 billion in taxes to the State Budget of Ukraine in 2020.

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