59% of new entrepreneurs in Ukraine in 2024 were opened by women

This is the highest rate in recent years

20 May 2024

More than 43,000 entrepreneurs in Ukraine were established by women in 2024, according to the Unified State Register. This accounts for more than half of all new sole proprietorships in the first quarter of this year. Women most frequently start businesses in retail, individual services, and information services. In contrast, men tend to choose computer programming and wholesale trade.

43,554 new entrepreneurs were created by women in the first quarter of 2024. This is more than half—59%—of all new businesses and a record high in recent years. Men opened 30,496 new businesses during the same period. For comparison, in 2021, women constituted 51% of all new entrepreneurs.

Women entrepreneurs most commonly choose retail trade (68% women and 32% men), personal services (89% women and 11% men), and information services (63% women and 37% men).

Meanwhile, men more frequently opt for computer programming (58% men and 42% women) and wholesale trade (52% men and 48% women).

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