The demand for IT specialists in Ukraine exceeds their number

The number of vacancies for IT professionals is a third more than the number of job seekers in this industry.

3 June 2021

The demand for IT experts in Ukraine exceeds their number. According to the job search website for IT specialists Djinni, 16,000 professionals are currently looking for a job in Ukraine, while the number of active job offers is 21,000. The shortage equals 5,000 employees.

The demand has started increasing after the first lockdown in April 2020. Since then, the number of openings for IT specialists has been constantly growing. At the same time, the number of IT specialists actively looking for a job is decreasing.

Job search peaked in the summer of 2020. Since then, the number of resumes on the website has been decreasing.

Number of vacancies and resumes
Date11 March 202018 Mar25 Mar1 Apr8 Apr15 Apr22 Apr29 Apr6 May13 May20 May27 May3 Jun10 Jun17 Jun24 Jun1 Jul8 Jul15 Jul22 Jul29 Jul5 Aug12 Aug19 Aug26 Aug2 Sep9 Sep16 Sep23 Sep30 Sep7 Oct14 Oct21 Oct28 Oct4 Nov11 Nov18 Nov25 Nov2 Dec9 Dec16 Dec23 Dec30 Dec6 Jan13 Jan20 Jan27 Jan3 Feb10 Feb17 Feb24 Feb3 Mar10 Mar17 Mar24 Mar31 Mar7 Apr14 Apr21 Apr28 Apr5 May12 May19 May26 May
Number of vacancies7,3266,1274,9274,2164,6964,9195,1085,1725,2865,0925,4215,5995,8216,0516,2976,4426,5336,9977,0187,2617,4977,4337,6537,8677,9808,5619,9809,51810,01210,10810,77810,70411,39711,97112,24213,10613,20113,40014,03413,88714,18713,53513,53511,84114,06315,62617,19418,05417,37117,88718,37618,88018,81419,01519,46719,91920,32820,38820,32820,62219,64220,07421,17821,582
Number of resumes17,54917,93518,32118,93619,24119,14119,52019,84120,23020,45420,81021,10021,26721,37420,94121,29221,44121,77221,58921,54721,39221,32921,18320,91820,94020,24220,11920,16820,08520,11019,92719,51519,24819,11618,88318,49318,19818,16817,76717,34816,91216,36216,36216,31416,93516,90816,87216,98516,78616,66816,62916,73716,80016,86216,55316,16116,21016,08315,89015,49414,86615,13316,11116,157

In early 2021, the number of available specialists and demand became almost equal. There are now more openings every week and fewer IT experts looking for a job.

«What we see is not only relevant for Ukraine but also a common trend around the world. The demand for IT professionals in Ukraine has been growing for the last 15 years. Now the ‘delayed’ demand has joined in because—at the beginning of the quarantine—some businesses were temporarily not hiring specialists», 

— Maksym Koval, Head of Customer Operations at Djinni, says.

«We also see a similar trend on Applicants are now looking for a job less actively than last year, although there are more vacancies. IT job seekers realize that this is their market and wait for offers from employers rather than look for jobs themselves», 

— Karine Makian, PR Manager at, says.

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