PE Doctors Earned UAH 224 Million on Declarations with Family Doctors

How much does a self-employed family doctor make a month?

16 August 2021

PE doctors who started working with the National Health Service and serving patients under the national healthcare program earned UAH 224 million. Each PE doctor earned an average of UAH 46 thousand a month in 2020.

The national healthcare program specifies the list and scope of government-sponsored medical services and medicines provided at uniform rates. In Ukraine, the National Healthcare Program has been fully implemented since April 2020, while family doctors started working on the program back in 2018.

There are as many as 17,072 PEs providing medical services in Ukraine, with 401 of them having declarations signed with the NHSU and working on the national healthcare program, making it 2.3% only.

Payment depends on the number of patients served by a family doctor or the services provided if we talk about secondary healthcare institutions. On average, one PE doctor earns UAH 46,000.

The Kirovohrad region is the leader, as it pertains to the money earned per PE doctor. The average monthly salary is UAH 82,000 there. The Mykolaiv region (UAH 68 thousand) and Kyiv (UAH 58 thousand) are runner-ups.

Most contracts with the NHSU were concluded by PE doctors from the Odesa (50 PEs), Lviv (34 PEs), and Dnipropetrovsk (33 PEs) regions.

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