In the six months, the number of private entrepreneurs increased by 31,700

What businesses are growing in Ukraine?

13 June 2021

Since the beginning of the year, the number of private entrepreneurs has increased by 31,791. In January 2021, there were 1,900,012 of them, while now their number is 1,931,803.

Around 44,000 new entrepreneurs launched their activities, while almost 12,000 terminated them.

In 2021, the number of private entrepreneurs has increased in IT, retail, catering, information and individual service industries, etc.

Industries with the highest increase of private entrepreneurship this year
Computer programming, consulting, and related activities15,75940.9%
Provision of information services3,2848.5%
Provision of other individual services1,8734.9%
Head office activities; management consulting1,0472.7%
Advertising and market research7952.1%
Legal and accounting activities7812.0%
Architecture and engineering activities5301.4%

In six months, there are 15,759 new private entrepreneurs engaged in programming in Ukraine. Their number has increased by 9% and reached 188,966 entrepreneurs.

In the retail industry, there are 647,716 registered private entrepreneurs now. It is 10,155 more businesses than at the beginning of the year. The relative increase for this period is 1.6%

In January, there were 58,590 private entrepreneurs engaged in the catering industry, while now the number of entrepreneurs with the associated NACE code is 62,248. Their number increased by 6% (3,658 companies).

The number of entrepreneurs engaged in information services increased by 3,284: from 39,080 to 42,364 (+8%).

The number of small businesses providing individual services grew by 1,873. In terms of relative increase, it is +2%. Today, the number of private entrepreneurs registered in Ukraine with this NACE code is 94,347.

The highest number of private entrepreneurs terminated in the six months is in the following industries: wholesale (-3,449 entrepreneurs), warehousing (-2,878), social assistance service (-946), television and radio broadcasting (-769), and air transportation (-622).

Industries with the highest decrease of private entrepreneurship this year
Wholesale trade, except for motor vehicles and motorcycles3,44932.9%
Warehousing and support activities for transportation2,87827.4%
Social assistance services without provision of accommodation9469.0%
Radio and television broadcasting activities7697.3%
Air transportation6225.9%
Surface and pipeline transport5815.5%
Real estate transactions4063.9%
Clothing production3993.8%
Water transportation2312.2%
Furniture production2172.1%

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