Financial statements are available: names of the most successful Ukrainian businesses

The tax authorities made the financial statements of 429,398 companies available

31 May 2021

Gas Transmission System Operator of Ukraine LLC, Mriia Podillia LLC, and Southern Mining Factory PJSC are the most successful and most profitable companies of 2020.

Available financial statements of Ukrainian companies helped us analyze these data.

«Financial reporting is the key to business transparency. For years, this information was not officially available, which led to the development of corrupt schemes to sell ‘black data.’ With the assistance from Opendatabot, the new version of the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 835 was endorsed, and the financial statements became public», 

— Oleksii Ivankin, the Opendatabot’s founder, comments.

Open financial statements will allow businesses to

  1. estimate the company’s development when compared to primary competitors and understand its market share
  2. accelerate the procedure for receiving a bank loan
  3. make negotiations between business partners more transparent and decide to cooperate faster
  4. eliminate the corrupt scheme for selling these data.

The main criteria for evaluating financial statements encompass revenue, profit, assets, and financial liabilities. They allow estimating the business success and prospects.

Ten companies with the largest profits

In 2020, there were 152,845 profitable companies.

Ten companies with the largest revenue

Ten companies with the largest losses

In total, 80,150 companies showed losses.

As a result, only 38% of Ukrainian companies are officially profitable. The rest is either profitless or loss-making.

Below, see the ratio of profitable and loss-making companies.

Financial indicators of companies are now available in Opendatabot.

To check the company:
  1. Enter the company name or code
  2. Pay attention to the financial indicators in the company information

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