Ukrainian women get 30% lower pensions than men

As of 2021, they amount to UAH 3,031

17 May 2021

In 2021, women’s pensions average at UAH 3,031.32, 30% less than men’s 4,242.53.

However, average doesn’t mean the most common here. In fact, only about 19.2% of pensioners get UAH 3,001–4,000. The situation is even worse for most Ukrainian pensioners: 38.8% of them get as little as UAH 2,001–3,000 (about $72–108). And only in 3.8% of cases the pension exceeds UAH 10,000.

The proportion of pensioners by pension size in their overall numbers
Above UAH 10,000419,0223.8%
UAH 5,001-10,0001,457,87813.2%
UAH 4,001-5,0001,004,3219.1%
UAH 3,001-4,0002,123,77419.2%
UAH 2,001-3,0004,287,08838.8%
Below UAH 2,0001,760,76615.9%

According to the Pension Fund of Ukraine, there are over 11 million pensioners in Ukraine.

The Draft Law of Ukraine ‘On compulsory retirement annuity’ has been discussed in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine since 2019, but it’s nowhere near gaining official approval. In April 2021, it was returned for revision.

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