One in Five Schools in Kyiv Is Private

Private schools account for 2% of all primary and secondary teaching facilities.

13 October 2021

Ukraine has 320 licensed private schools—2% of all schools. Of these private schools, 108 are located in Kyiv, which accounts for 34% of the overall number.

Schools in Ukraine by ownership form
Community schools16,14697.7%
Private schools3201.9%
Public schools580.4%

Kyiv currently has 9 public, 439 community, and 108 private schools. It means that one in five schools in the capital is private.

Schools in Kyiv by ownership form
Community schools43979.0%
Private schools10819.4%
Public schools91.6%

«Parents seek better options for their children: safer environments, fewer students in class, friendlier treatment, etc. And most public schools do not meet these requirements.

While there were some 20 private schools in Kyiv at the start of 2014, their number exceeded 200 at the start of 2021.

If the money went to the child and the state gave private schools the money allocated to children in public schools but not in fact claimed by them, it would slightly ease the financial burden on the parents.», 

— comments Olenka Severenchuk, Head of Communication Office at the Minor Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Based on the number of teaching facilities licensed by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Ukrainian private schools can teach 119,512 children, while private and community ones teach 4,641,724 children. In total, 16,525 schools operate in Ukraine.

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