302,000 Quarantine Violations in Three Months

Do Ukrainians Get Fined for Violating Quarantine Rules and Not Wearing Masks?

16 April 2021

302,000 Quarantine Violations in Three Months

In the first quarter of 2021, the number of recorded quarantine violations was 302,000. 87% of them (263,000) are fines for not wearing a mask or respirator in a public place.

Number of quarantine violations
MonthJanuary 2021FebruaryMarch
Sanitary and epidemic standard violation7,43611,94719,205
Not wearing a mask or respirator in public places44,59483,979134,939

In 2020, there were 664,141 recorded violations of sanitary and epidemic standards and 59,303 cases of not wearing a mask in public places.

The violations mostly occur in Kyiv and Kyiv Region: 19,639 and 13,658 cases, respectively, Odesa Region (20,941), and Lviv Region (20,256).

According to the Laws of Ukraine, the fine for a sanitary and epidemic standard violation is at least UAH 17,000, while it is from UAH 170 to UAH 255 for not wearing a mask or respirator in public places.

«In most cases, all fines were imposed upon obtaining information from a call received by a police operator and during monitoring whether public transport drivers and passengers comply with quarantine rules (carriers got fined for non-compliance with restrictions on the number of people in transport and for the fact that drivers and passengers did not wear masks). The compliance with quarantine rules at entertainment venues during nighttime was monitored as well», 

— commented the Patrol Police Department in Odesa Region.

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