Freight carriers to get notified about overweight fines via Opendatabot

Soon, everyone will be able to opt in to get the notifications.

24 June 2021

The open data portal has opened access to the information on registered freight size and weight violations. Testing of the system notifying freight carriers about the fines incurred via multiple services, including Opendatabot.

Although actively repaired over the past few years, Ukrainian roads are continuously damaged by overloaded freight trucks. With this in mind, almost 50 Weigh-in-Motion systems have been installed all over the country. They include sensors embedded in the road and mounted on a bracket over the road that capture the vehicles’ weight, size, and license plate and forward the information to the database.

Automation of size and weight enforcement is provided for by Draft Law No. 3742 approved by the Verkhovna Rada on June 3 and currently awaiting sign-off by the President of Ukraine. Opendatabot implements the notification project jointly with the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine and the State Service of Ukraine for Transport Safety.

Presently, Opendatabot’s notifications are working in trial mode. After the full launch, carriers will be able to learn about the registration of their violations and fines accrued from their smartphone.

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