Open financial reporting, automatic recording of violations of driving regulations, Foponomics, and debtors. Major 2020 trends

How Ukraine, business, and society changed in 2020. What events we should expect to happen in 2021.

28 December 2020

Open financial reporting, automatic recording of violations of driving regulations, Foponomics, and debtors. Major 2020 trends


Financial reporting will be open

The financial reporting of companies will become open. Such clause appeared in Draft Resolution No. 835 of the Cabinet of Ministers on open data. The State Statistics Service and the SFS were designated responsible for the publication.

Opening of financial reporting will help Ukrainian business to increase the transparency of signing agreements with contractors, assess the development of their company, and reduce the risks of working with shell companies.

Officials’ declarations almost became closed

One of the most influential tools for controlling corruption offenses in recent years has been the electronic declarations of officials and their immediate circle.

On October 27, the Constitutional Court repealed Article No. 366-1 of the Criminal Code on punishment for false declarations and certain provisions of the Law On Preventing Corruption. In fact, it put on hold the work of NACP, the main anti-corruption body.

The Draft Law on Restoration of Public Confidence in Constitutional Proceedings is now available on the Verkhovna Rada website. However, this draft law has not yet been signed by the President.

Generally, the number of people who filed declarations has decreased by 20% over the past four years: from about 1 million in 2016 to 870 thousand in 2019. For Ukrainians to continue following the civil servants’ wealth, we added monitoring of declarations in Opendatabot.

Number of civil servants who filed their declaration
Number of civil servants1,098,450956,813942,260873,198

Automatic recording helped Kyiv reduce the number of road traffic accidents

On June 1, an automatic recording system of violations of driving regulations was launched in Kyiv. Car owners got the opportunity to pay their fines automatically.

According to the police, the number of road traffic accidents in Kyiv has dropped by 5% this year, and the road death rate has decreased by 20%. In general, the number of road traffic accidents throughout Ukraine increased by 3.8%.

So, we can assume that automatic recording has had a positive effect on statistics. Open data on violations allowed Ukrainians to pay fines on time.


The number of companies increased by 3% over the year

The number of companies increased by 3% over the year. The largest number of new businesses opened in the field of wholesale (+9,000 companies) and IT (+1,300 companies).

New business registrations
Date1 January 20208 Jan15 Jan22 Jan29 Jan5 Feb12 Feb19 Feb26 Feb4 Mar11 Mar18 Mar25 Mar1 Apr8 Apr15 Apr22 Apr29 Apr6 May13 May20 May27 May3 Jun10 Jun17 Jun24 Jun1 Jul8 Jul15 Jul22 Jul29 Jul5 Aug12 Aug19 Aug26 Aug2 Sep9 Sep16 Sep23 Sep30 Sep7 Oct14 Oct21 Oct28 Oct4 Nov11 Nov18 Nov25 Nov2 Dec9 Dec16 Dec23 Dec
Private Entrepreneurs(PEs)2,7565,1366,5997,0137,86416,1159,6778,5117,86311,3946,8603,9532,4752,5962,5712,3372,1213,0395,2075,2396,3356,9919,2606,4637,2136,5787,6197,3336,4336,2816,1396,7063074,0655,4327,5107,6556,1107,7758,4216,7806,2176,2985,2376,7735,0524,9604,7195,7004,4273,8812,819

The influence of PEs on the Ukrainian economy is increasing

Currently, 1.9 million Private Entrepreneurs(PEs) are registered in Ukraine. The number of PEs increases by an average of 7,000 per month: about 20,000 start and about 13,000 close their business.

The largest number of PEs this year started their business in the field of IT and information services (+23,000, which is +15% of the increase). The number of PE couriers also increased 2.8 times.

PEs dealing with warehouses, trade, radio and television, aviation, and HoReCa closed their business.

In recent years, revenues from entrepreneurs have increased fivefold. Foponomics brings Ukraine more than 1 billion dollars per year.

The number of vacancies in Ukraine resumed after the lockdown

The job market recovered after the spring recession. job search website currently offers 54,000 vacancies.

Vacancies on
MonthMarch 2020AprilMayJuneJulyAugustSeptemberOctoberNovemberDecember
Number of vacancies54,07237,41326,30339,54743,83849,76553,02256,07548,65354,385

«This is 15–20% less than over the same period last year; however, this is a great figure for the challenging 2020. Given the activity of our employers and their willingness to cope with any conditions and difficulties, we have room for optimism», 

— says Artur Mikhno, CEO at

The largest number of vacancies is currently offered for such job categories as «Sales and Procurement», «Trade and Production», and «Administration and Middle Management».

«IT, Computers, and the Internet», «Medicine and Pharmacy», «Construction and Architecture», «Design and Creativity», «Real Estate», «Agriculture and Agribusiness» are also gaining momentum.


The number of debtors is growing rapidly in Ukraine

More than 2 million Ukrainians are in the register of debtors. Their number increased by 18% during the year. So another 300 thousand people became debtors.

Individuals in the Unified Register of Debtors
MonthDecember 2019January 2020FebruaryMarchAprilMayJuneJulyAugustSeptemberOctoberNovemberDecember
Number of unique full names1,692,6791,688,2661,716,6141,760,0801,790,5611,834,2641,861,0901,864,1031,894,8601,916,3931,942,2401,972,8802,000,340

Most debts accumulated for utilities, loans, fines for road traffic violations, as well as penalties for administrative offenses.

Top categories of recovery in the register of debtors
Collection of money759,86228.0%
Collection of money in favor of the state629,53223.2%
Collection of fines in the field of road-traffic safety543,65120.0%
Collection of penalties under cases of administrative offenses402,74814.8%
Recovery of outstanding utility bills214,3587.9%
Recovery of child-support payments167,9336.2%

Movement and transport

Booking tickets for trains and planes has started to resume.

If you take the beginning of 2020 as a starting point, you will see that bookings increased from 50% in November to 74% in December. Booking train tickets increased from 50% in November to 89% in December.

Booking tickets for trains and planes
Date15 March 202022 Mar29 Mar5 Apr12 Apr19 Apr26 Apr3 May10 May17 May24 May31 May7 Jun14 Jun21 Jun28 Jun5 Jul12 Jul19 Jul26 Jul2 Aug9 Aug16 Aug23 Aug30 Aug6 Sep13 Sep20 Sep27 Sep4 Oct11 Oct18 Oct25 Oct1 Nov8 Nov15 Nov22 Nov29 Nov6 Dec13 Dec20 Dec
Booking tickets on Aviasales.ua100302085456691115202843516570748590951101029592948887897979576053536270747474
Buying train tickets on Railwaybot.com10023000000000354635384871771221191091151041068891827164656568515052627066698689

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