The number of abortions has decreased by 18% since the beginning of the major conflict

Each year in Ukraine, the number of abortions is declining

31 May 2024

According to the Ministry of Health's Public Health Center, Ukrainian women underwent approximately 90,000 abortions during the two years of full-scale invasion. Since 2011, their number has gradually decreased by 3.6 times. Abortions are most commonly performed on women aged 20 to 34.

The annual number of abortions is decreasing on average by 7%. However, from 2020 to 2022, there was a 15% annual decrease, likely due to the pandemic and the onset of the major conflict. In 2023, the number of abortions decreased by only 4% for the year, totaling 45,000.

How has the number of abortions changed in Ukraine?
Number of abortions163,668148,396143,170112,661105,10199,98793,83386,00479,02164,57455,15646,99245,186

Overall, over the past 13 years, abortions in Ukraine have decreased by 3.6 times — from 163,000 to 45,000 per year. Currently, there are 250 abortions per thousand newborns, compared to 330 per thousand in 2011.

Two-thirds of all abortions last year were performed by women aged 20 to 34. 1% of the total number consists of abortions in girls under 17 years old. For example, last year, underage girls underwent 464 abortions, with 29 abortions occurring in children under 14 years old.

In 2023, women of which age group most often have abortions?
Over 34 років14,15731.3%
20-34 years29,06564.3%
18-19 years1,5003.3%
15-17 years4351.0%
Under 14 years290.1%

It’s worth noting that the statistics include both spontaneous abortions (miscarriages) and medical abortions, which are performed in state and private medical institutions either for medical reasons or at the woman’s request.

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