The Total USC Debt of PEs Dropped

Most of the PEs have debts between UAH 10 thousand and UAH 100 thousand.

9 August 2021

The total USC amount owed by PEs decreased by 7.2%. The beginning of the year saw UAH 12.5 billion owed by 769,053 PEs, with these figures being UAH 11.6 billion in July.

The unified social contribution (USC) is a deduction for national social insurance purposes. Monthly USC payments are mandatory for each PE, regardless of their classification group.

Most of the PEs (49.35%) are in arrears with amounts between UAH 10 thousand and UAH 100 thousand being due. Debtors with amounts over UAH 100,000 make up only 0.15% of the total number.

USC debt distribution by amount
< UAH 1,000108,51516.9%
UAH 1,000–10,000216,07533.6%
UAH 10,000–100,000317,22149.4%
UAH 100,000–1,000,0009580.1%
> UAH 1,000,00030.0%

The number of PEs in Ukraine has increased by 57,509 since the beginning of 2021. There were as many as 1,900,012 PEs in January, with their number being 1,957,521 now.

It is still unknown how fast the debt of PEs had grown in recent years, as the USC was not treated as a tax by the State Tax Service until the beginning of 2021 and, therefore, no relevant information was made available to the public. However, starting from February 2021, the data on the USC debt are published every month.

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