PEs and employees will receive UAH 2.2 billion in aid

Applications were submitted by 168,812 PEs and 111,534 employees.

22 December 2020

PEs and employees will receive UAH 2.2 billion of UAH 8,000 aid A total of 168,812 PEs and 111,534 employees applied for aid through Diia application. 98.8% of applications have already been transferred to the Pension Fund.

Entrepreneurs from Kyiv and Kyiv Oblast (34,834 applications), Dnipropetrovsk (22,033), Kharkiv (19,159), and Lviv Oblasts (18,321) submitted the most applications.

The PEs engaged in retail submitted most of the applications for government aid. There were 140,649 such applications.

Who applied for aid by types of activity?
Repair of equipment and machinery5,8873.7%

Catering establishments (12,638 applications), entrepreneurs repairing various types of equipment and machinery (5,887), as well as recreation organizers, fitness clubs, and PEs engaged in cultural activities also applied for aid.

The deadline for applications has been extended until the New Year. You can check if your business is eligible for government aid on Opendatabot. To do this, send the bot your TIN; if the NACE of your business activities is eligible for government aid, the corresponding inscription will appear in the PE card.

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