Raiding in Ukraine

Raiding affects investment prospects and makes it harder to do business in Ukraine. From year to year, more and more companies experience raider attacks in Ukraine, while less than 43% of such cases get litigated.

Number of raider attacks in Ukraine
Number of criminal proceedings290433563500766849466

Over the past 5 years, the number of criminal proceedings against raiders has increased by 2.5 times: from 290 cases in 2015 to 849 in 2020, while the upward trend persists.

Most often, courts consider raiding cases under Article 205 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine on forgery of documents being submitted to register a legal entity and an individual entrepreneur. Out of 635 proceedings initiated, only 381 cases got litigated. That is 60%.

Any cases under Article 206 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine on interference to lawful economic activity and illegal seizure of property get hardly ever litigated.

How does Opendatabot stand against raiding in Ukraine?

Opendatabot makes every effort to prevent raiding:

  1. Every Ukrainian can sign up for his/her company in Opendatabot and receive notifications about any relevant changes. Any change of ownership—if you don’t know about that—is a reason to contact the police.
  2. Any company, that has suffered from raiding is welcome to contact us. Owners can schedule a free consultation where we’ll help tackle their problems.
  3. Also, we do our best to get raiding eradicated at the legislative level. For example, removing companies from the USR was disallowed thanks to our proposal last year.