The Birth Rate in Ukraine Has Dropped by 40% in 10 Years

In 2020, the death rate was twice as high as the birth rate.

9 March 2021

In 2020, the country experienced the lowest birth rate for the last 10 years: it amounted to 293,457 people, while the death rate reached 616,835 people.

Births and deaths

July 2018 was the peak month in terms of births for the last 3 years. At that time, 31,461 children were born. On average, about 26,000 children have been born per month over the last three years.

Population decline
Population decline200,546161,993142,434158,711166,414183,015186,594210,136251,791272,297323,378

According to the State Statistics Service of Ukraine, the birth and death data shows depopulation: the population of Ukraine has shrunk by 2,257,309 people in 10 years.

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