Jobs in Ukraine: Demand for Specialists Doubled, and Wages Increased, Too

The second year of quarantine saw the lack of trained professionals in all fields.

20 September 2021

According to, the number of vacancies in Ukraine more than doubled over a year: from 53,000 job offers in September 2020 to 108,000 in September 2021. The number of job offers increased by 104% over the year, exceeding the pre-quarantine figures more than twofold.

Number of vacancies according to
MonthSeptember 2020OctoberNovemberDecemberJanuary 2021FebruaryMarchAprilMayJuneJulyAugustSeptember
Number of vacancies53,02256,07550,39153,61845,98364,51972,82575,72877,47591,87090,31294,924107,946

Candidates strived for changes as well: as of September 1, 2020, the website users placed 83,905 new resumes in a week, and their number continued to grow in September—October.

«The current trend shows a certain staff shortage in the market. The number of responses per vacancy is decreasing, while that of job offers is rising, so we can say that candidates have a broad choice, and it’s their time now.

It seems there will be a temporary confrontation between employers and employees with the latter demanding changes from their management, such as cash bonuses, passenger fees reimbursement, free lunches, extra days off and longer leaves, team building, leisure activities with co-workers, etc.», 

— says Karine Makiyan, PR Manager at

Salaries have changed as well. A year ago, at the start of September 2020, an average employer would offer UAH 12,420, while the current salaries have gone up by 9% up to UAH 13,667. The salary expectation median has been steadily above the offers: UAH 13,783 last year and UAH 15,083 now.

Speaking of average salaries in Ukraine, the biggest ones are paid to the following categories of workers:

  • Top Management — UAH 22,123;
  • Real Estate — UAH 19,577;
  • Transport — UAH 16,151;
  • Construction and Architecture — UAH 16,043;
  • Insurance — UAH 15,857;
  • Buying and Selling — UAH 15,811;
  • Culture, Music, and Entertainment — UAH 15,808;
  • Administration and Middle Management — UAH 15,544.

The highest average wages are in Kyiv (UAH 15,813), Dnipro, and Odesa (UAH 13,300), while the lowest one is in Rivne (UAH 10,871).

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